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Heavy Metals


Heavy Metals in the water treatment field refers to heavy, dense, metallic elements that occur only at trace levels in water, but are very toxic and tend to accumulate in the body over long periods of time. Most heavy metals are too rarely found in water to justify government regulation at all, but a few have been given Maximum Contaminant Limits (MCLS) and MCL Goals by the Environmental Protection Agency. These include:

    Antimony occurs mostly in association with lead, where it is used as a hardening agent. It gets into water from corrosion of lead pipes and fittings, but even then it is rarely detectable. More antimony is found in food than water.

    Barium is chemically similar to calcium and magnesium and is usually found in conjunction with them. It is not very toxic and is only rarely found at toxic levels. However, it is common at low levels in hard water areas.

    Cadmium occurs mostly in association with zinc and gets into water from corrosion of zinc-coated ("galvanized") pipes and fittings.

    Copper at very high levels is toxic and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, loss of strength or, for serious exposure, cirrhosis of the liver. Water turns blue-green in colour as the corroded copper comes off the inside of the pipes and appears in the water as a precipitate. This reaction only occurs in a small percentage of cases.

    Iron can cause a rusty red or brown stain on fixtures or laundry and/or cause your water to develop a metallic taste.

    Mercury is notorious as an environmental toxin, but it is not a big problem in water supplies. That's because it is found only at very low levels in water. Certain bacteria are able to transform it into methyl mercury, which is concentrated in the food chain and can cause malformations.

    Thallium is as toxic as lead or mercury, but is extremely rare and not often a problem in water.

    Lead is the most significant of all the heavy metals because it is both very toxic and very common. It gets into water from the corrosion of plumbing materials, where lead has been used freely since Roman times. In addition, lead can be found in the solder used to join copper pipes, and in fittings and faucets made from brass.

Detecting Heavy Metals in Your Water

Heavy metals cannot be detected by sight, smell or taste. If you are concerned about heavy metals in your drinking water, you should have the water tested by a reliable chemical laboratory. First, request a copy of the most recent analysis done by the local waterworks agency, which is required by law to test and report to provincial authorities on a regular basis. If you have a private well, call the health office and ask if your region has any history of heavy metal problems in ground water. It is usually not necessary to test for them unless there is a history of problems.

All but the newest buildings contain lead-based plumbing materials, so everyone should test for lead. A complete analysis for all heavy metals could cost more than $100, but most labs have a special $15 - $25 price for a lead test. You will need to send the lab samples of water from the tap. Take the water sample from the tap after an extended period of stagnation, such as overnight. Try to include two samples: one containing the very first water drawn from the tap, and one sample containing water after about 30 seconds of running.



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Reverse osmosis water filters Reverse osmosis water filters Reverse osmosis water filters
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Water For Life
Water For Life is dedicated to renting equipment for filtering and purifying water of chlorine, heavy metals, lead, bacteria, cysts, parasites, THM, trihalomethane, and viruses so that you experience water that is crystal clear, refreshing and tastes clean. We have self filling water bottles for your office and we provide specialty purified water for industries such as printers, welding shops and aquariums.
Our self filling bottled water is for those of you who don't have the time to lift bottled water, store bottle water, or deal with empty bottled water bottles. Our bottled water never leaves the top of your water cooler. Instead we connect our purified or filtered water right to the bottled water and it fills up when you take a cup full.
We have researched the effects of chlorine, and chlorine by products in the Victoria water system and alone they constitute enough reason to filter and purify our drinking water, shower, and bath water.
In the process of changing Victoria City water into great tasting, crystal clear drinking water we use carbon / charcoal filters, poly spun filters, reverse osmosis membranes, and KDF media to filter various impurities from your tap water so it is pure and healthy.
Please look at our research page and breaking news page to discover for yourself what is in tap water and what can be done to protect yourself from ingesting disinfection agents in Victoria City water.
Ask about whole house filter systems. The only way to end chlorine entering your body is for you and your family is to install a whole house, point of entry filtered water system.
We rent reveres osmosis and carbon filter systems for your home, office and industry. Our rental water purification systems include full maintenance including the cost of filters for one standard rental price.
With the Water For Life under sink water purification system, tap water first flows through three pre filters to remove dirt, rust, sediment and chlorine.
If the cooler or holding tank is less than full, the water continues on to the next stage of the process.
The reverse osmosis membrane, will separate contaminants from the molecules of water. The contaminants are then washed down the drain and the purified water then moves on to your water cooler or pure water reservoir.
We also rent whole house water filters that filter the water for your whole house or business. Whole house big blue water filters create a rain water like shower for you whole family. Look for combined rates for whole house water filters and reverse osmosis water filters on our price list page. For higher ranking with Google and Yahoo use shop in Victoria BC Canada.
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Reverse osmosis water filters Reverse osmosis water filters Reverse osmosis water filters
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